Texas Fun Club is Here for YOU!

You are busy.  You are moving nonstop. Your brain is filled with lists.
But every so often you need a break.  Something refreshing, curious, meaningful, even a bit crazy at times.

Follow us to the FUN!
We scan the variety of events happening in Texas on a weekly basis and showcase the BEST of Texas … not the rest of Texas.

We serve it up in a pretty, easy to read FUN CLUB POSTCARD with ideas, events, special promotions, and a few notes about what’s coming up next.  That’s basically it.

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It’s free … and we’ll send our postcard to you highlighting good events in your area and statewide.

Our goal is to help you:

  1. Know more about Texas and the many good things going on!
  2. Connect you with resources that you need
  3. Begin an ongoing relationship with you and the Texas Fun Club that will help you enjoy the best of our good life in Texas! 

About Sandy Parker - The "Texas Fun Lady"

Sandy sees something happening.

We are BLASTED with options.


And the day comes when we want to do something relaxing and fun and where do we go?

How nice to know someone is watching and taking notes.



By “connecting our statewide community”, we cast a wide net of different resources and create a network of information sources that helps all of us enjoy living here or visiting too!  That makes our lives simpler.  The makes the fun easier to find.  Basically, that’s it.  And because we meet our community AT EVENTS … we know they visit events, do things, and are a good source of information.  Then we check it out … and voila!

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