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You are busy.  Your brain is filled with things to do.

And every so often you need a break.  Something refreshing, curious, meaningful, even a bit crazy at times.

Follow us to the FUN!
We scan the variety of events happening in Texas on a weekly basis and showcase
the BEST of Texas … not the rest of Texas.

We serve it up in a pretty, easy to read FUN CLUB POSTCARD – weekly – with ideas, events, special promotions, and a few notes about what’s coming up next.  That’s basically it.

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About Sandy Parker - The "Texas Fun Lady"


Fun is her nature!  She has created many business and you can read about some of them here.  She is an author, speaker, and person who lives to inspire others!

Founder of the Lubbock Fun Club, Sandy grew a community resource from 1 to 14,000 families in just a few years.  Now, she’s going to do it again — but in Austin.  Then, a city near you!

You will also notice she has a big heart!  The Texas Fun Club benefits from her leadership and we care about the impact we have on the world.  We hope you do too!  Join us and let’s make good things happen!



By “connecting our statewide community”, we cast a wide net of different resources and create a network of information sources that helps all of us enjoy living here or visiting too!  That makes our lives simpler.  The makes the fun easier to find.  Basically, that’s it.  Because meet our community AT EVENTS … we know they visit events, do things, and are a good source of information.  Then we share what we find with you.

The Place Where We Stand

This service — The Texas Fun Club — grows from our beliefs and our culture.

Integrity comes first. This is our foundation.

We work to enhance the experience of our members.

We select sponsors from businesses we know provide valuable services.

We care more about collaboration than competition.

We care about our community and we partner with nonprofits that shape society.

We balance profit and purpose.

And we work for win-win relationships for all.

“Our 100% Privacy Guarantee!”