Texas Fun Club assists events and festivals with services that include
collaborative promotions with corporate and charitable partners, retail promotions,
sponsor strategy and activation, and exclusive use of collapsible billboard.

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Austin’s Birthday Bash
They were not able to put stakes in the ground for historic area and needed to designate event areas visibly.

Pie in the Sky Balloon Festival 
Able to withstand the Wind and Cover a Large Festival Area

Texas Fun Club and San Antonio Zoo
Visibility for Fun Club ~ Directional for Evening Event

Promoted in our FUN CLUB POSTCARD


We can pin your festival or event location on a map and show hotels and Airbnb locations nearby.
This gives them an immediate access to a decision to attend.



Impossible for anyone to duplicate
Possible for us to consistently replicate!

Your custom image imbued into a domino that creates a pass that cannot be duplicated … but it can be replicated by us time and again.  How?
1.)  The image is heat pressed into the domino
2.)  The domino is a special size, shape, and made of a material that is not reproducible
3.)  Every domino is a #7.  How?  They were created that way for the purpose of the brand.  But that has a nice side affect:  impossible to find and “knock off” as an imitation.

The far left is from MTV Movie Awards along with a few from wine festivals and a theme park.

What if you could generate revenue while managing your parking?  Now you can.
New to the industry 2018 / patent pending

Managing parking is important to any events, festivals, cities, real estate – everyone.
However, if you tow the vehicle, who gets revenue?  The tow truck.

Tire Tag is a new solution where the driver has the initiative to pay for their Tire Tag to be removed
AND you get a % of revenue to participate in the program — not the tow truck!

For the passenger:
If you find a Tire Tag on your vehicle, you are in violation of stated parking ordinances.
Upload the app, pay the fine, drop off the tire tag.  That’s it.

While this device does not immobilize the vehicle, it is strongly recommended that you do not drive until the device is removed. In any emergency situation, call 911.

Visit the site to see how it works.

Our team creates fun and feisty door prizes that engage your attendees.
Ask about our FREE DOOR PRIZES for your next event or online enter-to-win.

Phenominoes are custom and fun designs on Texas dominoes that create a charm ideal for a necklace or for a lanyard. They carry your event logo, art, or your poster and cannot be duplicated making them SECURE and useful.

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Event Professional
Partnerships based on integrity, creativity and collaboration.

Probably best known in the tourism industry for the regional tourism promotion “Win a Trip to a Place You Don’t Want to Go!” with Ron Chapman from KLUV and Southwest Airlines, she is an “idea generator.”

She’s been in destination marketing, owned a receptive tour operator service, been a step-on guide, host for travel writers and President of a Chamber of Commerce.  She even went to Germany with the State of Texas Tourism to award the 100,000th visitor of the Karl May Spiele a trip to Texas!  All of it was

Ideas are the lifeblood of all promotions, all events, and our experience over the years benefits clients now. 

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Destination Marketing Assistance
Outreach to Texas Fun Club Members
Research and Analytics from your event attendance
Motivation of Boards and Volunteers
Brand Ambassadors
Hospitality Training

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