TRENDwatch November 16, 2018

TRENDwatch November 16, 2018

Animal Prints Are Taking Over For Fall

If You Buy One New Thing This Season….
Make It Animal Print

Never forget that
leopard print looks
incredible with denim!

Actual Animal Prints are This Season’s Wildest Trend

Whether its leopard, zebra or snake, animal prints
are set to be ginormous for fall.
Just when you thought leopard had used up its nine
lives, the popular print gets another shot at it big
time….. But this go-round, the catty pattern isn’t
alone. Over the past two seasons, designers have
fallen back in love with everything from tigers to
zebras and even snakes. Why it keeps coming back?
Animal prints are like neutrals-they’re made up of
brown, beige, and black,. They’re seasonless and
you can wear them with almost anything.
It’s fair to say that animal prints never went
away…never get rid of an animal print fashion
piece. It is the most prevalent trend for 2018.

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