TRENDwatch November 28, 2018

TRENDwatch November 28, 2018

Today’s Fashion Rules……There Are No Rules!

Winter White Is One of The Hot Trends This Winter

Times have changed, like the antiquated notion that you can’t wear WHITE after Labor Day.

It’s okay to mix shades of WHITE with cream, ivory, ecru and beige also use different textures and weights.

WHITE shoes, handbags, and boots….once a no-no are now showing up everywhere this winter.

If you are having a twinge of doubt just check out some of the designer and celebrity looks to convince you
otherwise…..from street style and editorial shoots to runway looks. Monochrome from head-to-toe is a
fashion statement all its own. But with a WHITE canvas you have an opportunity to use any print or color and

Pull out that animal print scarf and boots for accent. Rock those eye-catching pieces you have been wanting to wear.

To sum it up, its perfectly acceptable to wear WHITE after Labor Day.

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