TRENDwatch December 6, 2018

TRENDwatch December 6, 2018

The basic go-to piece for all looks – The Blazer!

Great with any length, texture, fabric or color.

Casual … or classy!

The Blazer is back.

Considering that it has been the standard working girls uniform for ages, look at as the basic go-to piece for all looks.

The newest way to wear it is finger tip length in men’s wear plaid. You can’t go wrong with any length, texture, fabric or color. Expect to see it worn with everything from jeans, dresses, leggings and after five formal wear.

Experiment with ways to incorporate “The Blazer” into your wardrobe. As you get dressed for any occasion throw on blazers and see how you feel.

Make it your own. It can be fun….. it can be dressy…..classy or even sexy.

Just own one or more.

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