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Day Trips

Day Trips worth Exploring!

Tulips brought me to La Vernia but I’ll be back

So I went to La Vernia to see the Texas Tulips.  It was enough to make the trip from Austin just to see them.  The lady at the tulips said Buffalo Joes was well worth a stop. I was not sure but I was hungry.  What I found surprised me.  Bullafo Joe’s was adorable and quaint.  When I asked if they happen to have flavored teas, the waitress said “only six flavors.”  What?  In La Vernia?  Then I spotted Joe — a local — who isn’t Buffalo Joe.  He was just Joe, an educated man who told us why he and his wife loved living there.  And then I saw his sandwich.  Holy Cow!

Then my Buffalo Cheesesteak Sandnwich with provalone showed up with the most delicious bread.  Where am I???  Then Tracy and her friend who were at the next table piped into the conversation telling us what it’s like to be there.  And before long, that dining room was a meeting place of caring, easy people to know.  I asked them what else there was to see and they said The Den was nice (but we just ate!) and a stop at Dumpter Picking Divas was worth the trip.

I didn’t know Tracy owned it but when I went by, there she was.  Honestly, I was through with my day … but I really wasn’t anxious to head back to Austin.  So I went on over to The Den to create some videos because of the relaxed feeling.  In fact, the video from our home page was created there!  I also hear The Den has all you can eat seafood (can’t remember) but I didn’t see it on their menu.  But there’s so many places to sit, I could bring a whole fun bus from Austin and they could host us.  Nice job, La Vernia.  I’ll be back.

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