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What’s so great about working with Bob?

Besides the fact that he knows Legal Shield inside and out, you will also find this to be true:

1.)  Bob is a down to earth and likable guy who is very approachable with any question you may have.

2.)  He is well connected.  If you need to know someone in a particular vein of business, he’s likely to know someone.

3.)  He takes advantage of NETWORKING GROUPS and he is out there all the time!
Member of the Dripping Springs Chamber of Commerce
Member of SABA
Attends these networking groups:
Network After Work
Crossroads in Buda

4.)  He’s likely to buy you lunch!  (Ask him about it and tell him you read this on the Texas Fun Club site!)

Worry Less.  Live More.

Sounds so good, doesn’t it.

After all, we have enough to do without having to be our own attorney.
And, with Legal Shield, you have an attorney who can answer your questions. 

In fact, if you are around Bob Sprague very long, you will hear him say,
“I’ve got attorneys.  And I’m not afraid to use them.”

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I called LegalShield for legal questions and they have been so prompt in returning our calls and answering our questions. We also recently had a final Will prepared for me and my wife.  We were both pleasantly surprised at the speed and accuracy of these documents. We are happy knowing that we can always turn to LegalShield for help and support. Thank you. Minnesota Member, Douglas D.

Amazingly good service…and value.  An attorney friend said he would charge me $1500 to draft a relatively simple Will. Not only did LegalShield do this for free as part of my plan but they got it back to me more quickly than my attorney friend could have, the day after I submitted the questionnaire. Florida Member