Fun by Type

Outlet Malls 
Who doesn’t love to shop and save money too! Going our way?Check out an outlet mall.

Renaissance Faires & Festivals
These festivals attract thousands of visitors who relive the midieval days, shop, eat, and make merry. Take a fantasy trip in time.

Farms, Dairies, Herbs, Flowers, Orchards
There is perhaps nothing more natural, good, and wholesome than spending some time near the land that produces delicious foods, herbs, flowers or fruits. Plan a stop at one of these on your next trip to their nearest city.

Birding & Nature Ongoing Places to See as well as Annual Festivals
Click here to visit the page where that information is held. 

Ride a Real Passenger Train
Trains are, in many ways, how towns developed through Texas. But today, it is still a memory maker for families. Make plans to ride one in your next family outing. Click here to find the ones near you. 

Theme Parks
Of course, theme parks provide a thrill a minute and offer a day full of entertainment! Click here for your thrill.

Wineries & Tasting Rooms
Here is a map of the state and the clusters of wineries. Some offer tasting rooms, entertainment, and wine dinners. 
Click here for map and our list of favorite wineries.

Historical Markers
Have you ever noticed historical markers you drive by … and wondered what’s historical about that? Well, I found this amazing tool called the Texas Historical Site Atlas. You can look up historical markers by county, by type, put in a keyword, or address. It will, then, tell you the history and location. Click here and check it out.

Archaelogical Sites Across the State
Click on a city or area and a “timeline” pops up with the age of the area and notes about the cultural development.
Click here to visit “Texas Beyond History” web site.

Drive In Movie Theaters 
coming soon!